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Meet TK

I'm Takeia. Wife, mother, friend, singer and a self-proclaimed bargain shopper! I can be pretty silly and enjoy making up my own random songs, and sliding across the kitchen floor in my socks from a running start. I've always been a "follow-your-heart" kind of girl.

When I decided to pursue photography, I didn't exactly know where the journey would take me; fast forward a few years later, I still can't believe that I'm living out this vision. I love creating images that tell stories because my photography is personal. I believe the best photos are created when I can connect with my clients heart to heart.

I've learned over the years that capturing and making memories is a collaboration. If your heart is open, I know we’ll create lasting photographs that you can step back into those exact moments that filled your heart with joy and excitement.

Being a photographer gives me the opportunity to meet new people, express myself creatively, and capture moments through my lens that many will treasure for years to come. Photography is a very important part of who I am. With it, I am able to discover and capture what the heart feels the moment the image was captured! As my photography career continues to grow and with every click of my camera, my ambitions to be greater are fueled. I hope one day I will become a noted fashion photographer, and perhaps a world traveler with my camera in hand.

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